The Now Chronicles are all about being here now, in this moment. Getting unstuck, letting life unfold naturally, and reacting accordingly.

Being in the present. And actually LIVING the stories as they happen in each moment.

Experiencing life as a fun adventure. Learning the lessons – or not learning them in some cases, along the way.

Just as quickly as this moment is here, it is gone… and it is lost.Each of these moments are strung together and create the Chronicles of our lives.

What story are you telling?
We are on this journey together and we need to help each other have the best experiences possible.

This is a place where tools for mindset shifts are held.

And some random fun stories of life that happens along the way.

This is a resource of hope, perhaps sustainable change, and with any luck, some laughter.

It’s time for Now…This is The Now Chronicles.
Life is about moments. There are people in our lives and then they’re gone. Whether they have passed away, moved across the country, or just played out their hand in our life.

But the time with them leaves an imprint on our soul.

Our lives are meant to be fun adventures, but that is not always the case. How we navigate through the harder moment of our lives is important.

How to breakthrough anxiety and/or depression? I don’t know the answers, but maybe one or two of my stories or insights will help shift a mindset or two.

You cannot be in the moment if you are haunted by the past or worried about the future.

How good are you at staying present and anchored in each moment?
The Now Chronicles